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What are booking types and when to use them?

Location: Settings > General > Advanced > Booking types

You can use Booking types if you are running a special offer (campaign) or if you want the guest to choose a specific location/room (i.e. eat outside in the garden).

Click on “add booking type” to get started.

Default screen:

Once you’re creating the booking type, then you can insert the specifics of the booking type the restaurant wants.

Name: The name of the campaign or menu the booking type shall cover.

Title: If the name of the booking type shall be different in other languages, than the one written above.

Description: If the restaurant wants a description for the booking type, so the guest knows what to expect.

Duration: If there is a different duration for the specified booking type, perhaps the booking type lets the quest stay for 4 hours? Leave blank for default.

Room: If the restaurant wants to use a specific room for that booking type.

Payment: If there’s another payment type the booking type is using.

Start date/End date: If the booking type isn’t permanent, you can choose to plot in the timeframe here in the format (dd/mm/yyyy).

Online: Determines if the booking type shall be shown on the online booking.

Color: To make the booking type stand out on the booking page, you can choose to assign a color to it, so it stands out from all the other bookings.

Weekdays: Here you can decide how many people are allowed to book on each day, assign periodic criteria or disable online booking for that booking type on specific weekdays.

Once all of that is set up, it’ll look like this on the booking page.

NB. This will remove standard booking, so make sure to make another booking type that’s standard procedure.

If you have one or more “online” booking types the guest must select one of them. So if the guest should be able to choose between inside or outside you’ll need a booking type for each.

Updated on November 3, 2021

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