Creating booking types

Location: Settings > General > Advanced > Booking types

Here is an example of a booking type letting the guest book a table outside (in the “Garden” room). In this case we’ll also need a booking type for inside bookings – otherwise guests can only book outside, since they must choose a booking type (if one or more booking types is set “Online”).

See full field explanation below the picture.

Name: Booking type’s name.

Duration: Duration of booking types. This duration overrules the default duration.

Room: Here you can choose a room/location for the booking type. Bookings of this type will then only be allocated in this room.

Payment: Here you can select a payment setup which has been set up in Settings > Guest payment.

Start date: Guests will be able to book from this date (date included).

End date: Guests will be able to book until this date (date included).

Active: If the box is green, the booking type can be selected for online bookings.

Color: Here you can choose a color for booking types to display in Booking’s calendar.

Weekdays: Here you can choose a seating per weekday. Seatings drop-down menu will appear only if one or more seatings are created in “Seatings”. You can also choose maximum number of guests in the restaurant for that booking type. It is possible to select “Allow online booking” for each weekday, if you only want to receive online bookings for this booking type on specific days.

Updated on November 3, 2021

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