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Designing a visual table plan

Location: Settings > General > Tables and rooms > Table plan

Default screen

By default the table plan is blank. Existing tables can be found in the “Unallocated tables”-box.

N.B.: Each room has an individual table plan.

Managing the table plan

Here you can add tables by dragging them into the table plan (white box). Drag new tables from the “Add table”-box and existing tables from the “Unallocated tables”-box.

It is possible to resize the table plan by dragging the lower right corner of the white box. 

Modifying table settings

Select a table from the table plan (white box) and table settings will open for modifications on the left-hand side.

You can modify the table name, the maximum amount of seats, priority (read more: How does the system allocate tables), and shape under “Table settings”. It is also possible to rotate tables by clicking on the blue arrow.

Updated on March 15, 2023

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