Location: Settings > Guest payment

Here you can add one or more payment setups, if you wish to receive prepayments or deposits.

N.B.: Before receiving guest payment you must connect to a Stripe account.

N.B.: easyTableBooking deducts a service fee of 1.6% on all payments.

Adding payment setup

Click on “Add payment setup” in the bottom of the page to add payment setups.

Name: Choose a suitable name for your payment.

Method: Choose between the following payment methods:

  1. Capture payment The amount is withdrawn immediately from the credit card.
  2. Reserve amount The amount is reserved on the credit card up to 6 days ahead of the booking and deducted 6 hours before arrival or on late cancellation. If the booking is made more than 6 days in advance a payment link is automatically sent to the guest 6 days before arrival.

Type: Choose between “Deposit” and “Prepayment” according to type of payment you wish to receive. This is used in the communication to the guest.

Price: If it’s a single fixed price use “One price” and choose amount, currency and unit for the payment.  Choose “Per booking” if you wish your guests to pay a fixed amount per booking or “Per guest” if you wish your guests to pay per person.

Use “Multiple prices” if the guest should be able to choose between different “products” with individual prices (example Adult or Child). You can also set a Service fee for each price which is added to the price and shown separately on the guest payment.

Cancellation notice: It indicates minimum amount of time a booking can be canceled and the payment will be automatically refunded.

Description (to guest): Enter a describing text to guests and it will appear in the payment screen of online bookings.

The above payment setup generates the following: