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Managing a booking

Click the booking you wish to manage.


Register as arrived: When guests arrive, it can be registered on the booking. The booking is then hidden from the list and dimmed on the booking chart.

Cancel booking: If a guest wishes to cancel a booking, this can be done by clicking “Cancel”. The booking is then exceeded on the list and removed from the booking chart. Canceled bookings can be re-activated.

Delete booking: In case of error booking or similar, there is also the possibility to delete the booking. Deleted bookings can not be restored or re-enabled.

Move booking to another date: Bookings can be moved to another date. Click the arrival date and select the new date in the calendar. It may then be necessary to enter new tables if the original selected is not available on the new date.

Create a customer note: A customer note is stored on the customer and displayed on future bookings as soon as the mobile number is entered.

Updated on November 11, 2021

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