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How to setup ActiveCampaign

Location: Settings > Integrations > ActiveCampaign

Default screen

As it states in the guide above, the restaurant will need to have set up all the fields required for ActiveCampaign to fully be utilized. So first of make sure to go to ActiveCampaign.com and create/login into your account. Once that is done navigate to the list section on ActiveCampaign (Lists > Manage Fields).

Default screen

On this page, you’ll have to make sure to add the following fields (ZipCode, Restaurant, Bookings). This is done by clicking on the Add Field button in the upper right corner.

Once everything is set up it should look like this.

Next step you’ll need to navigate to the developer section (Settings > Developer) on ActiveCampaign to get your URL and Key, which you need to insert on easyTableBooking.

Here you’ll have your unique URL and Key, so make sure not to share this with anyone you don’t want using your data. Copy this and put it onto easyTableBooking and Activate Integration. Once this is set up properly easyTableBooking will create its own list, on your ActiveCampaign account and put the information easyTableBooking gathers.

NB. You won’t be able to view the list that easyTableBooking creates for you through the API, but you will be able to send out emails and set up automation using the list.

Updated on November 3, 2021

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