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How to set up tracking/analytics

The best way to set up tracking in easyTableBooking is with a landing page. You will have to set up a landing page on your website, with the necessary tracking scripts.

When the landing page is set up, you can then redirect the guests to that page when a booking is made.

This is done in Settings -> Booking settings -> Confirm URL.

The redirection does not work with the iFrame implementation. If you use the iFrame, you will have to change to a JavaScript widget, direct link, or pop-up.

For tracking you can use the following parameters. These will be sent to the landing page:

BookingID = [id]

Guests amount = [pers]

Arrival date/time = [arrival]

Payment = [payment]

Currency = [currency]

LCID = [lcid]

TypeID = [typeid]

Type name = [typetext]

To set up multilingual you will have to create multiple URLs with the same structure. That URL will then be used in the system like this.

Subpages on your website:

Danish: https://example.com/confirm[1030]

English: https://example.com/confirm[2057]


Shqip                  1052

Czech                 1029

Danish                 1030

Deutsch            1031

English (GB)     2057

Español             3082

Suomi                1035

Føroyskt           1080

Français             1036

Hebrew             1037

Magyar              1038

íslenska             1039

Italiano              1040

Nederlands     1043

Norsk                 1044

Romania           1048

Svenska            1053

English (US)     1033

Chinese             2052

Updated on October 2, 2023
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