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Creating seating configurations

Location: Settings > General > Advanced > Seatings

Here you can add one or more seating configurations if you wish your customers to make reservations at specific times only.

Default screen

By default there are no seating configurations.

Adding seating configuration

You can choose seating name, maximum number of bookings with same arrival time and maximum number of guests with same arrival time. 

By default the max. number of bookings and guests is set to “Unlimited”. This means that all your guests could end up arriving at the same time.

By limiting the number of bookings or guests with same arrival time, you can spread the bookings. The system will prioritize the criteria which first meets the chosen time-set.

It is possible to create one or more seating configurations and to add multiple times to each seating configuration. 

Click on Add time in order to add more booking times. 

Updated on November 3, 2021

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