Location: “Settings” > “Implementation”

easyTableBooking can easily be implemented on your website using only a few lines of code.

You can choose between 4 implementation methods:

  1. Widget (javascript)
    The “booking box” is implemented as a part of your website on any page you like.
    The implementation code must be inserted as HTML where you want the booking box to appear.
  2. Pop-up
    The booking box opens as a pop-up in center of the screen when clicking a button or link.
    A JavaScript is implemented anywhere on the website and transforms your “booking link” to a pop-up. In that way you can just make a normal HTML link (<a href=”https://book.easytablebooking.com/book/?id=xxx&lang=en”>Book now</a>) and it will open as a pop-up.
  3. Link
    The guest will be forwarded to your easyTableBooking booking page and leaves your website.
  4. Widget (iframe)
    The same as “Widget (javascript)” but runs in an iframe to separate the code in case the widget does not load correct on your website.

You can find your implementation code under “Settings” > “Implementation”.