Select the date in the calendar on the left side, then choose “New booking” or select a time on the timeline (Diagram-view).

Arrival: Choose a time of arrival from drop down menu.

Duration: The duration of the booking (default is set up in Settings > General > Booking settings).

Guests: Choose number of guests from drop down menu.

Tables: The system finds automatically one or more tables for the booking if “Table suggestions” is active in Setting > Advanced.

Click on “Show all free tables” to see all available tables and to change table. The system prevents double bookings. Lock tables: If active, tables cannot be moved and cannot be dragged in the diagram-view.

Mobile: Enter customer’s mobile number. 

Name: Enter customer’s name. If it is an existing customer, the name is filled out automatically.

E-mail: Enter customer’s e-mail address. If it is an existing customer, the e-mail is filled out automatically. E-mail confirmation: If active the guest receives a confirmation by e-mail.

Comment: You can enter comments for intern use only.

Language: Confirmation language for sms and e-mail.