Location: Settings > General > Booking settings


Duration: Default duration for all bookings. N.B.: May affect the avalable times for online bookings. Learn more here

Empty seats: Maximum number of seats which can be empty for each table.

Turnaround time: Minimum interval of time for table preparations between bookings. 

Contact method: Drop down menu where you can choose, whether you want to be contacted by phone or e-mail by your customers.

E-mail confirmation: If selected, guests will receive confirmation by e-mail.

Satisfaction surveys: If selected, guests will receive satisfaction surveys by e-mail, after each visit.

Tripadvisor URL:  Ask your guests to make a Tripadvisor review after completing satisfaction survey (if satisfaction is 4+). Insert your full Tripadvisor review URL (starting with “https://www.tripadvisor.dk/UserReviewEdit…”) in the field. N.B.: Is only relevant if satisfaction survey is enabled.

Use ending time: If enabled,the booking duration will appear to guests on online booking and in e-mail confirmation.

Allow cancellation: Allows guests to cancel their reservations online.

Table booking: Should bookings be associated tables or not. If booking without tables, tables can be asigned manually afterwards.

Storage of personal data: The system can automatically delete personal data and anonymize bookings for guests who have not booked within the selected time period. The period is calculated from the latest booking. N.B.: Guests who has accepted receiving offers and news are not affected.

Online booking (on website)

Min. guests: The lowest number of guests that can be booked online.

Max. guests: Maximum number of guests that can be booked online.

Min. notice: With how short notice you can book online. N.B.: If you choose the lowest short notice, the system has to be up to date with walk-ins.

Max notice: How long ahead guests can book online. N.B.: Remember to set up closing days in the system.

Interval: Interval between arrival times (within opening hours). Irrelevant for days with seating configurations.

Max. bookings at the same time: Maximum number of bookings with same arrival time.

Max. guests total: Is used when we want to choose the maximum number of guests in the restaurant at the same time. By default your tables represent the maximum capacity.N.B.: All bookings in the system are considered, which means if a separate room is booked to a company party, that might affect other bookings in the restaurant as well.

Collect e-mail: If not active, no e-mail field appears in the online booking.

E-mail required: It makes compulsory to enter an e-mail address for online booking.

Collect zip code: Guests must enter their zip code when booking. Used in the statistics module.

Confirm newsletter: Should guests confirm whether they want to subscribe to your newsletter?

Confirm duration: If active, the guests must confirm accepting the duration of their booking.

Confirm URL: Can be used to track bookings using a landing page (i.e. Google Analytics). Insert your full landing page URL including “https://”. 

E-mail booking: It is possible to choose to send all online bookings or only those with remarks only to your e-mail address.

Manual booking (administration)

Table suggestions: If active, the system suggests automatically available tables in manual bookings.

Initials are mandatory: Staff must choose initials when making a booking. Initials are set under Settings > General.


New booking notification: If active, the system notifies the restaurant of new bookings where guests should arrive within 2.5 hours.